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Pricing optimization projects tailored for PE-backed companies

Maple Street's pricing projects deliver industry-leading ROIs, designed to be cost effective. Operating Partners love working with us because we deliver provable value creation in as little as 100 days, and we own the implementation.


We're pricing strategy & execution experts

Leading Private Equity firms recognize Maple Street offers best-of-breed pricing programs because we design each engagement to create value, with execution work delivered by veteran industry operators, not career consultants.

Market Analysis

Step 1

Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis helps clients understand which customers are likely to buy - and stay engaged. We help our clients properly align customer value with the cost/effort to acquire them.


Step 2

Pricing Strategy

Our Pricing Excellence practice helps clients capture the true value of their service offerings. We help clients maximize EBITDA and margins, while increasing customer lifetime value.


Step 3

Pricing Execution

We help ensure fast, maximum ROI for all pricing recommendations through hands-on implementation and Go-To-Market support. 


Step 4

Ongoing Support

We partner with management teams to bridge the gap between their current capabilities and what it takes to capture new value. From account management and reporting,  to sales and marketing, we can be as involved as the team needs to ensure success

Who we work with

Maple Street projects are custom-built to drive results for PE-Backed Portcos


Private Equity

Operating Partners

We help Operating Partners by working with their portfolio company's leadership teams to accelerate growth and improve profitability


Management Teams

Executives & Functional Leaders

We partner with executive leadership to solve their biggest pricing, market analysis and Go-To-Market challenges quickly and cost-effectively

How we've helped

$700m Industrial Manufacturer
  • $78 million in EBITDA uplift over 12 months.
  • 11% Price increase with no revenue or volume drop
  • Top employee satisfaction scoring on pricing implementation and training

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$30m e-commerce Platform
  • 31% increase in deal win-rate.
  • Retention rates up 10%.
  • New sales rep ramp time decreased by 50%.
  • 20% increase in quota attainment.

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$120m Legal SaaS Provider

16% EBITDA increase from pricing optimization 

  • 12% for new business
  • 14% for renewals
  • 30% for cross-sell/upsell

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$300m Manufacturer/Distributor
  • $17.4 million EBITDA increase through pricing and process optimization.
  • 5.8% margin increase with no drop in revenue or volume
  • Repeatable process to monitor and update pricing built and implemented for client

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$60m DEI & HR SaaS company
  • 28% EBITDA gains from pricing improvements 60% increase in annual contract value for renewals.
  • $51 million in sales uplift targeted

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Learn how we can help transform your growth trajectory in 100 days